Alumalite Signs Maximize Your Exposure

Any business can benefit from highlighting their brand. One great way to do this is with lightweight Alumalite signs. Roadside signs are very effective at drawing customers in to your business. Informative signs in store windows can assist your visitors even if you're not open. If you are looking to display maps or other navigational info try adding reflective materials to greatly improve visiblity. We can add QR codes to your sign so that your customers can use it as a gateway point to even more information and services.

Alumalite signs are one of the most popular sign materials used today. If you are starting a new company, planning a charity event for a non-profit, or you simply want to customize your residence with signs you've designed, Alumalite signs are a choice you can rely on time and time again.

Why? Alumalite combines a corrugated plastic core bonded between two sheets of factory prepared aluminum, which produces a smooth professional finish. The metal sheets are specially designed to be lightweight and built to be very strong and rigid. With Alumalite you are choosing a sign material that is easy to install regardless of the location and built to last.

Your personal projects may also benefit from greater exposure. If you find yourself putting on yearly yard sales a long-lasting, weather-resistant set of eye-catching signs will save you time and bring in more browsers. Signs for customized home decor signs are very popular - our Man Cave signs are big sellers. Alumalite makes a great material for signs in pools, backyards, kids' rooms, and kitchens.

Customized signs are a proven asset. Regardless of your application, a well-designed sign will increase your exposure. Exposure is important, and one of the main purposes of custom signage, but portraying your business image is equally important. A sign crafted of Alumalite will enhance the polished and professional look of your business.

Take it one step further and combine your custom Alumalite sign with edge capping or choose one of our numerous mounting accessories. Set youself apart from your competition and get the exposure you, your business, or your promotion deserves.

Alumalite Sign Applications and Finishing

Example of Alumalite Material

Applications: If you need an outdoor sign with high rigidity, then a custom Alumalite sign is a great choice for you. Alumalite sheets are relatively light in weight, impermeable to weather, and an excellent choice when mounting or mobility requirements prevent the use of a heavier plastic or wooden sign material.

Finishing: While alumalite signs are attractive and professional looking, you can add a more polished look with the addition of edge capping. Edge capping comes in a variety of colors and helps to enhance the presentation of your new alumalite sign. The addition of edge capping creates the illusion of a solid sheet of aluminum, with the added benefits of alumalite.

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  • Smooth professional finish
  • Corrugated plastic core bonded between two factory painted sheets of aluminum
  • Extremely lightweight, yet very rigid
  • Standard material thickness is 1/4"
  • Also available in 1/2" thickness for heavy duty strength applications
  • Highly tolerant of environmental conditions (wind, cold, and hot weather extremes)
  • Waterproof, rustproof and rot proof
  • Last for decades inside
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Plastic edge cap available for a polished finished appearance
  • Available in any size
  • Available in any traditional shapes
  • Available in any color, design or style
  • Your choice of design, photos, logos or artwork

Alumalite Videos

Provided below are a collection of videos exclusive to about Alumalite. View videos on design, thickness, size, and shape options.

Exceptional Alumalite Signs
Standard Alumalite Signs - Exceptional Designs
How Thick Should Your Alumalite Sign Be?
How Thick Should Your Alumalite Sign Be?
Alumalite Up Close
What Do Alumalite Signs Really Look Like Up Close?
Selecting The Best Size Alumalite Sign
Absolutely Any Size You Want!

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