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Custom cast plaques are a highly professional medium to identify buildings, businesses and all types of institutions. Individual desk and door nameplates cast in bronze lend a classical design element to the office environment. Custom bronze plaques and wood plaques are frequently used to dedicate buildings and public areas such as schools, landmarks, and parks. Memorial plaques are used to honor or commemorate people, events and achievements. Many businesses and organizations often select custom cast plaques to recognize contributors.

Custom cast plaques create a sophisticated look for any business. Whether it's a law firm, medical practice or other professional service, custom bronze plaques and custom wood plaques are an industry standard. However this high end look isn't reserved just for those professions, any business can benefit from a cast metal plaque. With a variety of styles, finishes and installation options finding the perfect custom cast plaque for your business will be a simple task.

Custom Cast Plaques Possess Beauty and Durability

Example of Cast Metal Plaques

Nothing matches the beauty of a custom cast metal plaque. We are a full-service custom manufacturer, and will produce your cast metal plaques to every one of your unique specifications. From design and development to fabrication and installation direction, is your true start-to-finish solution when it comes to custom cast metal plaques.

Whether you need plaques for business signage, ADA designation, or personal representation, your custom cast plaques are produced in matter of days once your artwork is received. Plaques are manufactured in a variety of methods, all of them using virgin materials and the finest of alloys. Regardless if you request mercury free bronze, lead, high-grade aluminum, lead-free brass or even stainless steel, we carry the metal selection to meet all your needs.

With an image cast plaque you can combine the endurance and distinction of cast bronze plaques with the detail of photography. Working from customer-supplied images, our artists create layouts from photographs, that are then cast as well-defined dimensional images on bronze or aluminum plaques. Perfect for personal or team tributes, historical markers, or any sign that needs to tell a pictorial story! An image custom cast plaque can be produced in various shapes and sizes, and color can be added to suit your needs.

Our etched custom cast plaques are the industry standard for precision, quality, and durability. Produced by deep photo-etching graphic images into metal sheets, etched plaques are ideal for images with fine detail and small lettering.'s time-tested etching process provides an exact reproduction of artwork and, depending on metal selection, is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

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