Neon Flashingboard 20" x 14"

Item #201932

Stay one step ahead with our new Flashing Neon Boards. Flashboards are wanted by restaurants, bars, coffee-shops and retail outlets. Customers just love the charm of the flashing lights and the changing colors. Have confidence that your flashingboard will boost sales and profits.

  • Eye-catching menu with a glowing "neon" appearance
  • 7 colors of LED lights / various flashing modes
  • Easy to write on, heavy-duty, durable acrylic surface
  • Super thin and lightweight frame board making it easy to ship
  • Extremely low power consumption - only a few watts
  • Can be cleaned with a tissue or soft towel
  • Can be hung vertically or horizontally
  • Includes adapter, color/flashing mode switch, one white marker, plug-in and extension cord
  • Can be battery operated (not included)