TruColor 1"

Item #202737

The TruColor LED Display is the ultimate in color display technology. The TruColor LED Display has built-in entertaining and attention getting features such as “Trivia in Motion” and the ability to receive satellite updates.

With the included Infrared Wireless Remote, the TruColor LED Display may be programmed in a matter of minutes. The TruColor LED display is also easily programmable via PC through direct connection, LAN or Internet e-mail!

  • 16 non illusive true colors
  • 32K memory with 26 pages or memory bank
  • Built-in user programmable graphics
  • 10 year warranty on the LED with 160 degree viewing angle
  • Character height 1"
  • 10 characters per line
  • Character height 1"
  • Case dimensions: 13.6" w x 3.2" h x 1.9" d