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When it comes to choosing sizes, most people seem a bit lost. I can see it in their faces. They just don't know how to go about it mathematically. So they take their best guess and hope the sign will turn out okay. However, hope is not a strategy. Here's a strategy you can use right now to properly size your new signage Think backwards! That's right. If you want to size your new signage properly, it should be "reverse engineered". Don't worry, it's easy to do, once you learn this simple secret. The secret is to size your letters first, BEFORE you size your sign.

After all, people don't read signs. They read the words displayed on signs. But only if the words are easy enough to read at a glance. If the letters are too small or too difficult to read, most people just won't bother. So focus on choosing the size of your lettering, first. And then fit the sign - to the size of the letters. Which factors determine how big the letters should be?

There are two primary factors that determine what size the letters should be. Of course, there are important secondary factors to consider too. And you'll have the opportunity to learn about those in our advanced guide. But to keep things simple and on point, here are the two primary factors: Distance And speed (for signs to be viewed by passing motorists). First, you need to know the viewing distance.

The viewing distance equals how far away you want your sign to be readable. Yes, I know it may take you a few minutes to determine the distance. But guessing is outright gambling. And there's really no point in taking an unnecessary risk here. Once you know the distance, we have a new type of calculator you can use. Specifically, it's a Letter Sizing Calculator. (Another handy tool thanks to our computer wizard!)

In other words, there's no need to guess at sizes anymore! The Letter Sizing Calculator simplifies the math for you Here's an example. Let's suppose you need a new business sign. And you are going to be placing this sign directly on the building. How far away do you want potential clients to be able to read your message? for this example, let's assume you need the sign to be readable at least 60' away. The Letter Sizing Calculator will automatically give me 2 sizes: The minimum size the letters have to be to be readable And the size recommended for optimal visibility. In this case, the minimum readable size is a 3" tall letter. And the size recommended for optimal visibility is a 6" tall letter. (For added advertising impact, businesses often go even larger).

Letter Sizing Calculator Video

Letter Sizing Calculator
Letter Sizing Calculator