Reusable Window Perf for Your Business and Vehicle Windows

If you need a graphic for short-term use you may want to consider reusable window perf which uses static cling instead of adhesive.

With dry application, easy removal, and simple installation try out reusable graphics for any window sign design.

Popular for:

  • Temporary Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Privacy
Custom window graphics with reusable window perf

Do You Need Reusable Custom Static Cling Window Perf?

Sometimes you just need the ability to change your window perf. So here at we have the solution, Reusable Window Perf. For example, you may have a regular sale you would like to advertise, and you don't want the expense of buying new custom window perf every time. Reusable Window Perf allows you install and uninstall your window perf to suit your business needs. Our Reusable Window Perf uses static cling technology and is extremely easy to apply and remove, making it great for repeated use. You can also use static cling window perf for long term promotions knowing that you can remove the graphic and take them with you if you move or expand your business.

Example of reusable window perf

Is It Hard To Install Static Cling Signs?

The following is a general recommendation on steps that can be taken to apply static cling window perf. Many of the points highlighted have proven to supply trouble free performance after the application is undertaken

APPLICATION SURFACE: Clings may be applied to a variety of smooth polished surfaces such as glass, plastic, chrome, and high gloss smooth, painted surfaces.

SURFACE PREPARATION: For proper adhesion the surface must be clean and dry. This product will not adhere properly to grease, oil, or dirt.

  • Remove grease and oil.
  • Mild soaps or detergents warm water and soft cloth will clean the surface prior to application.
  • An ammonia based window cleaner must be used on all glass surfaces.

APPLICATION TEMPERATURE: For best results, application surface and material should be at 50 degrees F or above.

Application Methods

Dry Method - This Method is recommended when applying small static cling window perf (less than 12"x12").

  • Remove the static cling from the board and place it in contact with the application surface. If the material placement is incorrect, pick up the entire cling and reposition. Do not attempt to slide the cling.
  • Once the material is in position, roll any trapped air out, working from the center of the cling to the edges.

REMOVAL: This product can be easily and cleanly removed and reused. Clings can be stored in a clean, dry environment.

REUSE: When reusing static cling, if adhesion seems low, dip material in warm water to increase adhesion, then apply.

Here are the key points to know about custom Reusable Window Perf:

  • Creates a window wide view of vibrant, colorful, eye-catching graphics.
  • Allows a clear view of outside from inside.
  • 50% vinyl film and 50% perforated holes.
  • 11 mil material thickness.
  • Very effective sales tool on business windows
  • Great for window graphics, trade show displays, corporate identity and hundreds of retail applications.
  • Easy static cling application.
  • Reusable for every season or promotion.
  • Can be made with colored backgrounds.
  • Available in many colors and designs.
  • Heavy, dark colors are not recommended, excess ink can impede the adhesive qualities of the film.
  • Corners may need some additional adhesive (tape) on dark colors and larger sizes.
  • Tinted windows can diffuse the color intensity of this product.

Big or Small, We Do It All!

  • While most sign companies are setting limits to what size your Reusable Window Perf can be, we are printing Reusable Window Perf in every size.
  • Window Perf from TheSignChef comes in sizes up to 54" x 20' in a single, seamless sheet.
  • If you need a sign that is larger than that, no worries! Just let us know, and we'll make sure to get you any size Window Perf you need.
  • The most popular sizes available for custom Reusable Window Perf are as follows:
  • 12" x 18"
  • 12" x 24"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 36"
  • 48" x 96"

Available Design Options:

  • PMS Color Match
  • Custom Shapes
  • Rounded Corners

Sometimes, all you want is the bottom line!

  • Our online Reusable Window Perf pricing tool instantly calculates the exact prices on Reusable Window Perf.
  • At, shipping for Window Perf and all other indoor and outdoor signs is free for orders within the continental US greater than $125 for ground and greater than $400 for freight.
  • Orders outside the state of South Carolina are tax-free!

  • We do offer quantity breaks at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000.

We offer more colors for Reusable Window Perf than anyone out there on the web!

  • You can now choose from ANY color under the sun when designing your new signage.
  • PMS Color Match available on most materials.

We custom cut more shapes for Reusable Window Perf than any other sign company!

  • will cut your Reusable Window Perf to ANY custom shape.
  • Pictured below are a few custom sign shapes, if you need an Window Perf in a more unique shape, let us know.
Custom Sign Shapes

Displaying Reusable Window Perf is easy!

  • Easy to apply static cling technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Just how quick can you build a custom reusable window perf for someone?"

We make custom reusable window perfs rapidly. As quickly as you approve the finished graphic online, your custom reusable window perfs will dispatch within just 24-48 hours!

Unusual signs and huge order requests normally ship within 3-7 normal business days. If your order is time crucial, please confirm the particular turnaround time with Customer Service at 1-800-899-6272.

"Can you help me with a rush order, even for a custom reusable window perf?"


We're well equipped with product and personnel to manage rush orders for a wide array of custom reusable window perfs. For those times you end up in a bind and desire your custom reusable window perf fast, we'll bend over backwards to assist your small business to have the custom reusable window perf you would like, when it's needed!

"Can I purchase my custom reusable window perfs modified online with any graphic I need?"


You can aquire virtually any design or color scheme you want on the custom reusable window perf.

"What exactly is the minimum order for custom reusable window perfs?"

The minimum order for a custom reusable window perf is simply one!

Quantity discounts begin with as few as two custom reusable window perfs. Of course, the more you purchase together, the greater you save (like all our custom signs).

"Do you give any quantity discounts for custom reusable window perfs?"


The greater number of custom reusable window perfs you receive, the less every single one will cost you. This means that your custom reusable window perfs can reach a better number of people for the more cost-efficient price!

"What if my custom reusable window perf arrives possessing a defect... what can you do?"

If your custom reusable window perfs or any other product comes broken or contains production problems, please contact Customer Support via Live Chat or phone us at 1-800-899-6272 immediately. Manufacturing defects come under our Workmanship Guarantee, therefore we will replace your sign at no cost.

If you try to contact us after business hours, you can e-mail us at and we'll respond after business hours resume.